Hi, my name is Ian Schwartz. I grew up on Mount Desert Island and graduated from MDIHS, working in restaurants and as a gardener. I’m running for State Senate in District 7, which is mostly Hancock County.

In 2009, I graduated from Hampshire College and traveled to South Korea, where I lived for eight years, mostly working as an Assistant Professor of English at Dongguk University.

I also publish novels under the pen name Ian James, own a small business, and work as a substitute teacher.

When I returned to Maine with my wife and two boys last summer, I was confused. America is the world’s richest country. Yet health care prices are out of control. Wages haven’t risen in decades. Referendums passed by large majorities of voters aren’t respected. And children are threatened by outdated gun laws.

But in other rich countries, gun laws are modern. As a result, mass shootings are unheard of. Everyone has health care. Public transportation takes people anywhere, any time. Since modern governments put families first, mothers and fathers get months of paid family leave. Every child receives free full-time public daycare.

This is the rule across the developed world. We can get there from here.

Vote for me at the Democratic Primary on June 12th, and together we can continue transforming Maine into the beacon of hope it deserves to be.

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