Very Conservative

The thing is, I have many conservative views. I’m not supposed to say this in a Democratic primary.

I believe in caring for our elders through the Homecare referendum. That’s conservative.

I believe in a hands-off approach when it comes to marijuana, which isn’t just conservative—that’s *shudder* libertarian!

I also believe in respecting the West’s ancient democratic traditions, especially when it comes to the right to petition the government, enshrined in our Bill of Rights over two centuries ago.

But that’s not all. I believe in respecting the Second Amendment, which includes one very important word in its text: regulate. This is a conservative interpretation supported by the people, the government, and especially the Supreme Court for centuries—until recently.

I believe that when people work hard, they should be paid fairly, and be able to see a doctor when they get sick. That’s conservative. Income EQUALITY is the best way to nip revolutions in the bud.

Even ridiculously conservative countries like South Korea guarantee health care to everyone and dedicate themselves to moving all their citizens around with public transportation.

Every child there can go to daycare for free, because the government is wise enough—conservative enough—to invest in their nation’s future—decades down the road.

As the local superintendent says, when it comes to public daycare, you put one dollar in, you get seven dollars out. Sounds like a good business deal to me. Conservatives have salivated at far weaker investments.

South Korea also jails politicians when they break the law. If that isn’t conservative, I don’t know what is.

I believe in conserving the environment for my children, grandchildren, and descendants down to the thousandth generation. That’s conservative.

I believe in rehabilitation, not incarceration, for drug-related crimes, so that people addicted to drugs can get back on their feet and return to contributing to the economy—rather than rotting in jail and costing us taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year. That’s conservative.

I believe that all of us should pay our fair share in taxes—that we should return to the conservative tax model we had in the 1950s, when almost every penny beyond $100,000 per year in income went to building our highways, sending six separate crews to the moon, and freeing South Korea from slavery at the hands of the Kim dynasty (among many other great achievements).

As conservatives like to say: freedom isn’t free. Paying taxes is a patriotic duty. Which reminds me. If you’re enough of a liberal spender to own multiple homes that are rarely occupied, you should pay taxes on those—taxes which go straight to building affordable housing for the next generation of Americans chasing after prosperity.

There’s so much more I believe in that’s—in the words of Mitt Romney—very conservative.

We can get there from here. Vote for Ian Schwartz in the Democratic Primary on June 12th, we can work together to make all of this happen.

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