Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

Let’s remember, as we celebrate, that plenty of mothers in our state are tipped workers, and that although their wages were raised by referendum, the legislature didn’t care about the will of the voters, and lowered their wages again.

More information about that here:…/maines-legislature-ignores-the-peoples-…/

It could be your mother who’s forced to work in a restaurant and accept whatever abuse comes her way from customers, because that’s her only way to make ends meet. Make sure to thank the legislators listed here who voted yes to lower their wages and make their lives far harder than necessary:…

You might find some familiar names. Far too many D’s voted against labor here, and then they wonder why we keep losing working class voters to snake oil salesmen like our president who promise, with their fingers crossed behind their backs, to fight for jobs.

Every issue is linked. A woman’s basic right to earn a living free of harassment is linked with the minimum wage, and that’s linked with the legislature’s cavalier attitude toward referendums. That’s the way it is with every issue we’re fighting for.

Thanks, yet again, to Diane Russell for inspiring this post.

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