Registration Drive

Progressives, Independents, Unenrolled Voters, lend me your ears!

If you’re tired of Democrats watering down state referendums, I’m your guy.

If you want someone who will say NO to tax scams and corporate welfare, vote for me.

If you know that health care is a human right, register to vote.

If you want to protect the environment for your children and grandchildren, we need to work together.

Maine has limitless potential. At the end of the tunnel is a state where every single resident has a good job.

Modern healthcare.

Affordable daycare for young kids.

Affordable homecare for elders.

Affordable housing for new residents as well as the descendants of our very first residents.

Blazing fast internet.

All our power from the sun.

New businesses—new startups and inventions pouring out of Maine.

An environment envied by the world.

We can get there from here. But first, we need to work together.

I’m running as a Democrat for State Senate in District 7 (mostly Hancock County), and I need your help.

Head to your town office today and take five minutes to fill out that little card. Register as a Democrat. Bring a friend.

Because after May 22nd, if you don’t register as a Democrat, you aren’t going to be able to vote in the Democratic Primary here in Maine.

2,000 people voted in the last local primary. Even one vote makes a massive difference.

Thank you!

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