It’s important for Hancock County’s Democrats to know that, no matter who wins this primary, they’re going to have a runner running for state senate.

Running, for me, is one way to maintain a sunny disposition in the face of a world that often looks quite dark. But because I’ve been so busy running around and bugging people for five bucks lately, I haven’t been able to actually—you know—run! It’s probably been two weeks. For months beforehand, I’d been running every day—and since I was twelve, I’d been running ALMOST every day, although rarely competitively.

While my running speeds generally aren’t too impressive, sometimes I manage to push myself. One of these pictures is from a relatively recent run in Seal Harbor, another is from a mysterious day last year when I somehow managed to run like a madman, and the 6:33 average speed is, I think, from the recent Frosty 5k, where I placed 8th or 9th among fifty or sixty other runners.

This also relates to the Hancock County Dems event I attended last night in Ellsworth. The room was packed—not only with sharp, attentive voters, but plenty of candidates and legislators who are all going to Augusta (or, as my three-year-old calls it, Disgusta) very soon to fight for what’s right: universal health care, a high minimum wage, and schools free from fear, among many other vital issues.

Our similarities outweigh our differences. I think it’s important for us all to remember that, even if we may disagree on the particulars (and, especially, when it comes to citizens’ initiatives), every single candidate and legislator in that room—and all the voters, as well—are head-and-shoulders above the opposition (as described in the Ellsworth American article I’m posting below, which tellingly fails to mention my name, yet again).

I sat next to Louie Luchini last night, and will be happy to fight for him—as well as all the other Democrats and progressives in that room—if he wins this primary. And, should I myself have the honor of winning, I will reach out to Louie for help wherever he can provide it. This is a team sport, and we are here to forge friendships.

It’s an exciting time to be a progressive. We’ll keep fighting, and we’ll win

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