Fight for a responsible government by implementing Ranked-Choice Voting and all voter-approved referendums, like Homecare, Minimum Wage, Marijuana Legalization, and Medicaid Expansion (lots of great information about these at the Maine People’s Alliance candidate questionnaire).

Lift the burden of high health care costs from businesses and individuals by providing health care to all Maine residents. If Canada can do it, so can we.

Honor the Second Amendment by regulating future purchases of the AR-15, raising the legal age to purchase a firearm to 21, and following Vermont’s example regarding red flag laws.

Create good jobs and tackle welfare fraud by raising the minimum wage to $15. Peg this to inflation, provide full-time quality public daycare for all Maine residents, affirm Net Neutrality, and make the internet a public utility to attract startups.

End power outages, lower electric bills, and protect the environment by powering Maine with 100% appropriately sited renewable energy by 2035, following New Zealand’s example. Build a multi-use public marina in Bar Harbor to protect Frenchman Bay’s ecology and grow the local economy.

End the Opioid Epidemic by utilizing Vermont’s hub and spoke model, safe injection sites, marijuana legalization, and restorative justice to get people who are addicted to drugs back on their feet.

Challenge Mainers to succeed by providing a free college education for all Maine’s students who agree to live in-state for five years following graduation. Force the state government to pay 55% of all public school funding as promised years ago.

Fight abuse of taxpayer dollars and cut job-killing red tape for hardworking people by closing tax loopholes for billionaires. Stop legislative foot-dragging on marijuana to create good jobs and earn taxes from new businesses.

Endorsements: Antonio Blasi, Hancock County Commissioner; Lynne Williams, Hancock County’s future Judge of Probate. More endorsements coming soon!

Clean Elections Campaign: 100% of campaign funds come from the state of Maine.